Friday, 23 July 2010

A Word on Mourinho and Football Tactics

For five weeks this Summer some little tournament distracted from the most entertaining thing in Football to date, Jose Mourinho. Yes, for five whole weeks the World of Football forgot about the special one to see Spain triumph in South Africa. However, now that normality resumes we can begin to hear more about Real Madrid and their new 'Galactico', Jose Mourinho.

Real Madrid's President - Florentino Perez, has had the philosophy for some time now that every year Madrid must make a 'Galactico' signing each year (Think Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Figo, Kaka etc.) except this year, their Galactico is Mourinho, who is set to be the man to win something at a club that hasn't won anything in years now.

Jose Mourinho has always a coach renowned for his tactical discipline and genius, two Champions League titles, the Treble in Italy last season and numerous accolades in England with Chelsea, is just proof of his mastery. Yes, there are managers out there that have won more, Fergie is one example, but no other manager really has the charisma both on and off the pitch, with the fans, media and players, that the football World (and press) craves for.

For many, his tactical prowess reached its height in the Champions League Final 2010 against Bayern Munich, when he took out the threat of Arjen Robben, restricted the German sides attacking options despite allowing them enough of the ball, then throw in the defensive trio of Chivu, Walter Samuel and Esteban Cambiasso, as well as the experience and skill of hitman Diego Milito. It was his sublime finishing and Inter's ability to turn defence into attack with a clinical efficiency, saw Mourinho's Inter Milan win 2-0, winning the Champions League on top of the Coppa Italia and Serie A championship.

Mourinho has always been a stickler for the tactics involved in football, something that has perhaps been missing at Real Madrid, after all, a team composed of Kaka, Ronaldo, Higuain, Karim Benzema, Rafael van der Vaart, Xabi Alonso and Raul shouldn't need tactics? The talent should be able to win the match alone, brushing past all those who dare to step in front and challenge the might of Football's biggest club.This hasn't been the case, with Real Madrid left empty handed last season after early exits in the Spanish cup to Alcorcon and Lyon in the Champions League and despite clocking up 96 points in the League, Barcelona lifted the La Liga title.

Tactics will play an important role in Mourinho's success at Real Madrid and that will be the one thing he brings to the club above all else, apart from maybe two or three defence minded players. Afterall, it was Mourinho who showed the World who John Terry and Ricardo Carvalho were exactly.

The only question that remains is, what will Mourinho do with the wealth of talent available to him? At the minute he has a lot of stallions but no jockeys to control them. He has a wealth of attacking options, but no one that really gels a team together. Of course he'll have opportunities and the cash to bring those players in, some from his previous clubs no doubt. If Mourinho looks at his current squad however he might realise the likes of Xabi Alonso and Kaka can be moulded into the same midfield force seen at Chelsea with Essien and Lampard and at Inter with Cambiasso and Wesley Sneijder. Cristiano Ronaldo may find his creativity restricted and may even be forced to develop into an out and out striker under the strict and rigid Mourinho regime and I'm sure the Madrid back four will be whipped into shape too.

Real Madrid have turned into the dangerous club the World thought they'd be last year, all because of Mourinho and these little things called "tactics."

(Thank God they're not in Europa - Liverpool fan)

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