Sunday, 11 July 2010

España son Campeones del Mundo or Spain are World Champions

Well Spain have proved to be worthy World Champions, despite my predictions last Wednesday.

Whilst many fancied Spain from the outset I saw something in the Holland performances against Brazil and Uruguay that I thought could take them to the top. Unfortunately the final match of the tournament wasn't to feature the hard working Dutchmen , rather their aggressive and brothers, however despite this Arjen Robben showcased his ability to the fullest extent with two golden opportunities to break the deadlock. It's a shame for Robben and when he went to pick his Silver Medal up you coulkd see the gut wrenching disappointment in his face, you cold see it in all the Dutch players face to be honest.

However the full time result is the only one that matters and Iniesta's strike 4 minutes before the end of extra time sent the whole Spanish team into overwhelming Joy. Spain have now not only made history with their 1-0 victory over Holland, but have become one of only three teams to hold both the European and World Cup titles.

We have to consider though, was any other outcome really likely? Disregarding their defeat to Switzerland, Spain have passed, scored and skilfully outmanoeuvred all that stood in their way. Whilst 90 minutes of 0-0 may not be everyone's cup of tea, it proved that both teams were equally matched and deserved to be in the final and the end result just proved that the best team won.

When we look at the individual performances of some of the Spanish team's players we can understand why they've been crowned World Champions.

David Villa is the most obvious stand out player for me in the Spain squad with 5 goals and an assist for his team, he has been a fundamental and key component in the throughout the whole campaign. Whilst he didn't find the net tonight, his goals took Spain to the final and what more can you ask of a striker?

Carlos Puyol and Iker Casillas at the heart of the Spanish defence have been impressive all tournament. Puyol took Spain into the final with his headed goal against Germany and Casillas prevented Holland from taking the lead after his outstretched leg deflected a golden opportunity for Dutch winger Arjen Robben.

It certainly wasn't a classic performance from Spain, or from Holland for that matter but South Africa 2010 has definitely been one of the more rememberable World Cup's.

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